The FirstHalal provides a free service to halal businesses enabling them to publicise their online presence, and a free service to the public to help locate local businesses. Both user friendly and search engine friendly, the site also provides a business listing with contact details, products and services, and a link to selected businesses websites.

Promoting Halal Businesses - The Complete Online Advertising Package

FirstHalal was founded on the back of rigorous research and market observation. We found that many halal businesses were being left behind by the boom in internet usage or not making the most of the opportunities that the internet provides. As such they were missing out on vital new customers.

We knew that we were in a position to remedy this with this simple yet effective range of products. From a fully interactive listing on FirstHalal to reserving a domain name, our products cater simply and effectively for all online advertising needs.

Halal Community - Why FirstHalal?

Hundreds of millions of people around the world live according to Halal Laws. And their numbers are growing, from China , to Central Asia, to the Middle East, Africa, America, and Europe.

With an increasing number of middle class muslim consumers in Europe and America, halal food is starting to become more mainstream, and to become more associated with quality. Major supermarket chains such as Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda and multinational food companies like Nestle and Danone are developing and distributing and increasingly large number of halal foods.

Following halal rules in countries that remain largely non halal-orientated can be difficult. Especially when it comes to eating at restaurants, or purchasing prepackaged or processed foods, how can Muslim consumers be sure that the food they buy is halal (for example, spaghetti sauce could contain traces of wine, or sweets could contain gelatine made from pork gelatin).

This project’s aim is to provide a comprehensive halal directory and database to provide information on
(1) halal establishments: restaurants, take-aways, cafes etc
(2) commercially produced halal food available in supermarkets and other shops

FirstHalal has been created to meet the needs of both Muslims and friends of Muslims who either live in, or are visiting the non-muslim countries.

The website aims to provide the definitive guide to halal businesses in the World.

"Eat of that which Allah hath bestowed on you as food lawful and good, and keep your duty to Allah in Whom ye are believers. (5:88)"

Your support of the site, and your recommendations of it to friends and family will help it to grow and become a successful and reliable service to all muslims.

Jazakallahu - Thank you for visiting the website, and for your support of FirstHalal